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Running Program – week 3

What  fabulous week! Yes it was tough – but I coped and did better than I expected 🙂 I slacked off on the focus of core and leg strength though – so I’ll keep that for this week. (This is the most running I’ve ever done in a week.)

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This was last weeks program:

Mon: Strength training – Once again I had to guilt myself into doing this in the evening. I am a morning person and so should plan and do this first thing in the morning!

Tues: 8km flat – Horrible run. My calves were cramping for half the run.

Wed: rest – I easily accomplished this!

Thurs: 8km run flat – I ran with a friend and thus ran much faster than I do alone. Hence a new fastest pace!

Fri: rest – once again – easy!

Sat: 5km easy run– I didn’t plan (map out) the run until afterwards and it turns out I ran 6km. It was an ok run, felt good all the way. As this was a “homework” run  did it all by myself.

Sun:  10km trail run – Awesome run. I loved every minute. It was a tough, hilly run – almost no flats – just up or down! The ups were very steep and so there was walking involved, and the downs I could pass many people in the group. I feel more comfortable on trails than the road 🙂

Focus for this week – strength training for core and legs…

Week distance: 8+8+6+10 = 32km

Total distance for program: 85.4km


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