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Running Program – week 4 & 5

More details can be found here:


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Week 4 was crazy… it was my birthday week and well – that was more important! Week 5 was very productive – my running felt easier and I enjoyed it more.

Week 4

Mon: 6km run with hills– This went well – I felt strong

Wed: Strength Training– A hectic circuit setup by the Group owner – left me shaky all over!

Thurs: 7km run, mostly flat – This was horrid – my claves were cramping for the whole run (I think from yesterdays Strength Training)

Sat: 16km run– The day after my birthday celebrations – so I didn’t do this 😦

Week 4 distance: 6 + 7 = 13km


Week 5

Mon: Strength Training– I was too lazy, skipped this 😦

Tues: 10km flattish– It had been a while since I had exercised – I was still dehydrated from the weekends festivities but the run felt good.

Thurs: 6km trail run with hills– hectic crazy weather, wind and rain and very cloudy mountain. The run was great, we walked up some of the really steep bits, but after finishing it felt easy and like I could go on forever – AWESOME!

Sat: 12km flattish– The most beautiful day – sunshine, no wind. A lovely run 🙂

Sun: 4km recovery run– I ended up running with a friend and doing a 4km  with many hills 🙂 But we ran slowly and enjoyed it.

Focus for this week – again strength training – but I want to try a Pilates class.

Week 5 distance: 10 + 6 + 12 + 4 = 32km

Total distance for program: 98.4km


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