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Running Program – Week 6

More details can be found here:


My Account Workouts  dailymile - Google Chrome_2010-10-18_07-08-17

Mon: Strength Training– finally I made it to the gym! I did the same exercises that were given to us 2 weeks ago – nice workout!

Tues: 10km flattish– An ok run in wind.

Wed: 5km VOB time trail– For the first time I enjoyed this run. I ran with a friend and ignored the time trail bit. I finished in a good time considering I wasn’t pushing. Guess I’m fitter! YAY!

Thurs: 8km with hills– This run felt long and hard. I took many walk breaks as my legs felt heavy like lead. I suppose 3 days of running in a row leave you with tired legs 😦

Sun: 11.6km Trail run– What an awesome way to end the week 🙂 We ran as a group so there was a lot of waiting for people to rejoin – I’m proud to say I did a lot of waiting. I ran  with my camel-pak and trail shoes and enjoyed every minute of it. The view was gorgeous, hot summer weather, 3 waterfalls – PERFECT! I also bought a new watch – the Garmin Forerunner 405 – so I have a GPS track of the route.


Focus for this week – Last week was too busy for me to do pilates. I will do it TODAY!

Week 6 distance: 10.19 + 5 + 7.79 +11.59 = 34.6km

Total distance for program: 133km


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