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Running Program – Week7 – Goal Race

More details can be found here:

Mon: Strength Training– I did the pilates session I’ve been trying to do for 2 weeks. It was really great, definetly more me than yoga 🙂

Tues: 10km flattish– Its odd that such a huge distance has just become my mid week training run – when a mere 4 months ago it was my goal distance!

Thurs: 6km – I did this in a rather quick time – felt strong at the end aswell – a definite sign of getting fit!

Sun: 21km Grape Run Half Marathon – My goal race. WOW. What an experience. I was really nervous before the start, so nervous that I forgot to start my watch! Once the gun went off everyone started moving – it was uphill for the first 8km or so – pretty amazing seeing such a huge group of people moving up the road in front of you. Once we hit the vineyards the bunch had spread out and you could see a long snake of people winding their way up through the vineyards. The views were beautiful – many times I wished I had a camera – next year I will buy a waterprrof camera to take with! I was amazed at how many road runners their were – this race is mostly off-road on dirt roads, and VERY up & down – hardly any flat bits. I LOVED it! Everyone was really friendly too. Aparently this race is known for being super difficult so most people just enjoy it instead of trying to set a PB. When we hit the 14km marker I was feeling strong, from there on wards was all new for me. The last 2 to 3 km were difficult – but more because I was running alone for the first time in the race. I finished in 2:55 with a HUGE grin on my face and friends cheering me on at the finish line 🙂

Focus for this week – mapping out a plan for my running goals for the next 6 months – training and races etc.

Week 7 distance: 10 + 6 + 21 = 37km

Total distance for program: 170km


2 responses to “Running Program – Week7 – Goal Race

  1. sam October 26, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Thanks Caryn! I feel like a rock star super hero!

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