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The perils (and pearls) of failure

Lesson for this week: I need to fail faster and retrospect more often!

failfast.png retrospect.jpg

Things have been rather hectic at work – many of you can relate I’m sure. For almost 3 months I’ve been doing just enough to stay afloat – and the cracks have started to appear 🙂 And aside from work, my commitments to the running program have kept me busy and exhausted after hours.

I’ve blogged about stress before. When you’re stressed and trying to juggle too many balls then you are not working optimally. Hell, I even gave a learning session at my work 2 weeks ago to show the effects of multi tasking and limiting work in progress.

Failure hurts – I’m pretty much a type A personality – so I dont like to fail and I certainly don’t plan to fail (can anyone hear the choir singing “practice what you preach?”). I do fail though – and usually its pretty loud and messy. Why? Because instead of failing small and fast often, my impending “failure” snowballs a bit and then explodes – leaving me feeling shell shocked and upset 😦

This week things are calmer than they have been in a while (both at work and in the running program). This gave me the time and space to notice some fairly large failure explosions. Thus this was not a good week week for *perfectionist* me but an awesome week for the *always learning* me!


Some “notes to self”:

(1) When something happens (email / phone call / conversation) that evokes a response of anger or extreme irritation – STOP. Do NOT reply. First try and understand why you reacted, and then calmly speak to the person to get to the root cause. I know these signs – it means I’m in a box (

(2) Don’t judge people. This is a tough one for me – I judge far to easily without even being aware of it. And I’m a harsh judge – kind of like the mean Idol’s judges 😦 Most people all have good intent. They are not malicious or evil. So give them the benefit of the doubt. Be open to learning. See what makes that person special, what can you learn from that person?

(3) When you’re too busy to fail – slow down. There is always a way – find it. If you don’t, you will pay later.

(4) Make time to retrospect on YOU. Continuous inspection and adaption is vital for self growth and well being.

(5) Commit to something that seems just a little out of reach. Then figure out how you can achieve it. I call this “backwards” planning 🙂 With my running I enter races in the future that seem like impossible targets, and then I make a plan to be able to do them. I should apply this to more areas of my life.

Do you fail small and often? When was the last time you failed? How often do you look back and acknowledge what went well, what didn’t and adapt?


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