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Running Program – The last week

Last week was the final week of the running program. As such we had our assessment and the others ran their goal race “The Landmark 21km” on Sunday.

Here are the previous blogs posts of my assessments: #1, #2, #3


My weight has hardly changed – disappointing, but as I am fitting into a size smaller pants I suppose its all relative. My waist measurement is smaller – yay! MY running time improvement thought not by all that much. The big difference came in at my recovery heart rate. This means I am much fitter!

For more info on VO2 Max and a handy calculator please go to this site:

Tues: 2.5km assesmentAs always this was terrible. 17 times around a small track in a hot and stuffy gym – yuck!

Tues: 8km flattish– Nice run – took it easy and chatted with a friend most of the way. Felt relaxed as I had made my goal of 21km so now the pressure was off and I could just enjoy it 🙂

I didn’t run for the rest of the week as the bursitis in my hip was aching. I think the dual running on Tuesday must have just been too much.

Sun: The Landmark 6km fun run – As my hip was still a bit sore I opted to run the fun run with the programs 10km group. This was their furthest run and they were doing splits (2m walk, 20m run, 2m walk, 15m run, 2m walk, 5m run). It was awesome, it felt so nice to chat and encourage newbie runners. Plus it was SO easy! I remember 6 months ago when that exact distance was so difficult for me 🙂

Week 8 distance: 2.5 + 8 + 6 = 16.5km

Total distance for program: 209.5km (WOW that is far!)

So what is my plan going forward?

It feels odd to not have the program this week – like my whole tempo is out. I am determined not to throw away all the hard work and effort I’ve put in. My hip bursitis is really sore from the run yesterday – so one thing I need to do is back off the distance running and focus on strengthening my legs 😦

So loosely my plan is as follows – thought the runs will be much shorter until my hip is feeling better 🙂

Mon – strength training [AM : pilates & strength exercises]

Tues – 10km [PM : RunJogWalkBuddies trail run]

Wed – strength training [AM : pilates & strength exercises]

Thurs – 6/7km (must have hills) [PM : Constantia Nek with friend?]

Fri – cross train/rest [AM : pilates & strength exercises if not tired]

Sat – 10-21km (depending on races etc) [AM : VOB RunWalk Trail running group]

Sun – cross train/rest [AM : slow and easy dog walk 🙂 ]


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