Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Coaching Circle – Sharing, visibility, communication

Last night we had our second Coaching Circle session (you can read about the first one here).

The topic was Sharing/Visibility/Communication of status & progress – what tools & techniques.

Our two facilitators did a great job – though we did all forget to vote on a topic for the next session – too much chatter and banter 🙂

I got a fair amount out of this session. Most of us communicate with our teams just fine. The sprint boards, burndown and velocity is understood and used correctly. All of us struggled with communication to stakeholders, executives and customers.

These 3 groups of people (stakeholders, executives and customers) have different needs from communication and thus shouldn’t be lumped all together – as then you end up with a rather complex report that 1 group appreciates, the other group glances at but doesnt understand and in some cases – no-one even reads!

We are all going to try some new things… but as this is my story – I’ll just tell you what I’m going to try 🙂

1 – continue with my sprint 1 page quick glance summary. But get feedback from consumers: 1 baby step I can make to turn the 1 page into “excellent” for them. (I need to blog about this)

2 – find a way to use the story map board electronically. For us this will aid greatly in communicating with customers overseas the progress of the release.

3 – an un-themed retrospective (this was from a conversation … not really related to the topic!)

Smudge – my smallest dog – was very misbehaved. His barked caused a few people to jump with fright (because its such a high pitch). He also brought his toy to the table for attention and jumped onto the table to steal snacks … *sigh*

Next time I will do something to occupy his little mind so that he is not such a nuisance!


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