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4 Hour Body Challenge

Friends of mine were reading this book and taking up the challenge so I thought, why not?
fourhourbody book
Tim Ferris doesn’t claim to have all the answers he is simply telling  his story and providing his results. If one of his “experiments” seemed to work then he would try it with a few other people. Most “experiments” in this book are accompanied by lots of scientific data and facts if that interests you :)
The book is structured in an interesting way, you pick the areas you want to experiment in and try for a week, then inspect and adapt.
I decided to do the diet part – which is a slow-carb diet and the exercise part.
I will commit to four weeks and then see how it working out for me ;) 

4 Hour Body Diet
There are a handful of rules – which are super duper easy. And really seem impossible at first. But google some recipes and you can totally make this work for you :)
This diet involves a lot of cooking and preparation. So be ready for that. However many of the meals can be made in advance (to a point) and frozen.
Saturday cheat days are awesome … I look forward to them ALOT.
More details on basics of diet here:

Foods allowed/not allowed: are some of the recipes that I’ve tried:

  • BEATs – awesome breakfast, can be mostly made night before, just heat bacon in morning.
  • Omelet Muffins – can be made night before. Makes 6 – I have 3 for a meal ‘portion’.
  • Omelet Loaf – an adaptation of the muffins and by far my favourite!
  • Shepard Pie – mince mix can be made in advance and frozen, 20min in oven with topping and its ready.
  • Lamb Potjie (Stew)
  • Oxtail Stew
  • Nutty Mash – awesome with most meals to replace “starch”- brown color with nutty flavour.
  • Mash – as above but only use cauliflower & a can of butter beans – very white and fluffy looking.
  • Italian meatballs – can be made in advance and frozen (5 squash ball size per meal)
  • Chicken with beans & steamed veg
  • Med-Rare steak pieces with salad
  • Pork Stirfry
  • Protein Shake – quick and easy for gym mornings
  • Chicken,Brocoli & Almond Frittata – this seems a bit bland to me , is nice with 2 slices of ham added afterwards per slice. Maybe should cook it with ham and chicken.
  • Bolognaise Sauce – I only make the sauce in this recipe (and i switch sausage for bacon bits)
4 Hour Body Exercises
For week 1 and 2 I just did the basics 3 times a week:

Week 3 I upped this a bit – still 3 times a week:

Week 4 I upped this a bit – still 3 times a week:

Insights and Results so far…

  • I’m glad I’m doing this in winter … the bean meals are nice and filling and warm


  • I think a slow cooker would be a good investment
  • I’m no longer tired at work in the afternoon
  • I’m enjoying the time spent cooking and eating
  • Red wine is lovely when enjoyed with a nice meal
  • Its really difficult to eat within 30min of waking up … I like to laze/snooze in bed (but i generally eat within 40min now)
  • The first week I lost 3kg and many cm’s. Thereafter I gained 1 kg and my weight stayed consistent for 3 weeks. I was still losing cm’s though, and my clothes were looser.
  • Drink 2L of water a day – this I only achieved on the first week – then I got lazy


Week 5 – the downfall :) 
I committed to doing this “diet” for 4 weeks. And I did. I saw results. I enjoyed the meals.
But this week – week 5 – I am taking off. I am eating what ever I want, and suprisingly that is not as much “cheating” as I thought it would be.

Week 6 – back on diet & exercise plan from week 4.
The last week of eating anything and lots of take aways was fun but definitely overrated. It was awesome to get back onto the diet. I am a little less strict now, so birthdays etc I share a slice of cake, but otherwise I am 100% back on the diet.

I will do another update with some measurements in about a month :)


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