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Agile 2011 – Session Feedback

A couple of weeks ago I attended Agile2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was the first time I attended a conference outside of my country, South Africa. Wow. It was huge! And I was so happy to finally meet in person all the people I have twitter conversations with regularly.


The most amazing part of the conference – as usual – are the connections you make with people at breakfast or lunch or dinner. I met some amazing people with with great ideas and who have inspired me to try all sorts of things 🙂 More on that later…

I want to blog about the sessions I attended whilst I remember them – though admittedly they are already foggy in my mind. So instead I will type up the notes I took away from the sessions and give any lasting impressions I have . This will probably happen over the next few weeks, as I complete them I will update the points below to be hyperlinks. Whilst I attended the conference I came up with many ideas for blog posts that I wanted to write – so I’ll put these in there too 🙂

  • [session] Hooray, We’re Agile Testers! What’s Next? Advanced Topics in Agile Testing: Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory
  • [blog idea] How we do sprint planning – stories, acceptance criteria
  • [blog idea] My agile 2011 journey – luggage,tooth,exercise,expense,talk,tattoo,things I’ve learned as a first time speaker & first time conference go’er
  • [blog idea] Cultural Wins – share with others, reminder of the good
  • [session] Coaching Success: Getting People to Take Responsibility & Demonstrate Ownership: Christopher Avery, Ashley Johnson
  • [blog idea] Story of me going through steps
  • [session] Why Care about Positive Emotions?: Barbara Fredrickson
  • [session] Powerful Questions: Carlton Nettleton
  • [session] Agile Coaching Self-Assessment — Where do you Stand on the Competencies?: Lyssa Adkins, Michael Spayd
  • [session] Agile Game Incubator: Michael McCullough, Don McGreal
  • [blog idea] My tasty cupcake game
  • [session] Kaizen Lego Game: Francisco Trindade, Patrick Kua
  • [session] The Culture of Agility: Pete Behrens
  • [blog idea] Amazing SA agile community – circles,SUGSA,SG10 + 11, great people
  • [blog idea] My dream – the learning place & why
  • [session] Slackers and Debtors: Meet Commitments, Reduce Debt, and Improve Performance: James Shore
  • [blog idea] A new understanding of slack and velocity
  • [session] Lean Startup: How Development Looks Different When You’re Changing the World: Abby Fichtner
  • [blog idea] Inspired by lean startups
  • [open jam] Language Hunting: Willem Larsen
  • [blog idea] Some of the amazing people I met on my journey 🙂
  • [blog idea] Sessions I wish I could have attended
  • [blog idea] my ever growing booklist

Hahaha – ok so as you can tell by the extensive list above – this might take me a while 😉 We’ll see how it goes.


One response to “Agile 2011 – Session Feedback

  1. Lisa Crispin August 22, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    That’s a lot of blog ideas! I especially look forward to your write-ups of the sessions I couldn’t get to. And, hmmm, I am curious about the tattoo.

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