Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

New year, new theme

What a year 2011 was for me … I accomplished so much more than I thought possible. I followed through on my theme #BeBrave and it literally changed everything!

So that I never forget the value these 2 little words brought to my life I tattoo’d them on my arm …

The last few days of 2011 were difficult for me. I wanted a new theme for 2012 – but honestly cant imagine having a better or even as good a year as 2011. The one tiny regret I have is that my exercise routine suffered, and so I know I need to focus a bit more on maintaining balance in 2012. After gardening all day yesterday I realized what I wanted to be my focus and keep me grounded for 2012 :

I want to appreciate more.

I think I – like most people – go through life with blinkers on. Every now and then we are appreciative and happy but for the most part we have something we can complain or moan about. I’m not going to promise to not moan or complain -hahaha. But I am going to make an effort to appreciate what is going on around me more. Notice when someone does something special, when the sun is out or a flower blossoms, or when my dog doesn’t poo on the deck!



I appreciate these websites for the images I used above:

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