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The HA Scrum Master

This post is part of a series on the Growth Path of a scrum master:

(1) The Growth Path of a Scrum Master

(2) The SHU scrum master

(3) The HA scrum master

(4) The RI scrum master

(5) Evaluate yourself : Scrum Master Shu Ha Ri Test

In the Ha state, the ScrumMaster has a team that gets software done (all features tested and no bugs) at the end of the sprint, has a good product owner with ready backlog at the beginning of a sprint, has data that clearly show at least a doubling of productivity, and has strong management support. The team is positioned to work on hyperproductivity, the design goal of Scrum.

This is a practicing scrum master. They are actively in the scrum master role and doing this role full time. They read up about agile and scrum. They attend coaching circles, gatherings etc and get exposed to various scrum/agile problems from other organisations. They recognize their own weaknesses and strengths. They are able to be open and honest about where they are doing well and where they are not without taking it too personally. This scrum master works with the team and tries to build the team into a self organizing team. With time pressure they also stick to ensuring meetings happen on time. They wont drop a retro but they might cut it short. They structure the retros to get the team to do something they think/know is lacking. They will fight external pressures, like trying to change the sprint length, but often lack the explanation skills to convince others. They struggle with being seen as “people who stick to a process over the success of the business”.

Do you agree with my description? How would you describe a scrum master in ha?

In my next post I will explain my thoughts about the scrum master in Ri.


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