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The RI Scrum Master

This post is part of a series on the Growth Path of a scrum master:

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(3) The HA scrum master

(4) The RI scrum master

(5) Evaluate yourself : Scrum Master Shu Ha Ri Test
In the Ri state, the team is hyperproductive. But what is the ScrumMaster doing and do you really need one? You need the ScrumMaster but they don’t have to do much. Here is an example of the qualities to look for if you want a Ri state ScrumMaster.

This is also a practicing scrum master but one with more exposure. Also active in coaching circles, gatherings etc. They talk,blog publicly about their successes and failures. They realize that they are on an ongoing learning journey. They bend the rules and can articulate that they are doing this. They know the pros and cons of doing this. Inspect and adapt is part of their daily life and thus everything they do is affected by this. They relish the opportunity to have outsiders observe their behaviors as they know the value in this. This scrum master will delay a sprint start in order to have a decent retrospective. They allow enough time during the retrospective for emergent learning and common understanding. Often these scrum masters have starting coaching at an organizational level. They spend time mentoring other scrum masters, product owners even management. They are calm when under pressure and can articulate to developers and business what changing the process means, implies and how in the long run will harm progress.

Do you agree with my description? How would you describe a scrum master in ri?

The process in scrum for teams:

Things Ive noticed…
This is independent of the team. A scrum team can be in various states aswell and this will have an impact on the Scrum Master.
Read more about team Shu-Ha-Ri here:


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